Your Privacy when Using MyOeno digital Products and Services

Our Privacy Policy explains how we process your Personal data when you use our Products and Services. The Products and Services are composed of various software applications (including mobile applications, web Applications, Product software), cloud-based Services, and connected Products.

What information do we collect and when?

Identity data means the data which can directly identify you. They include, among others, your email address, birth date, name, surname, phone number, delivery address, IP address, and videos and pictures of you.

Activity data means data which correspond to a measurement of your wines.

Technical features mean data, not directly identifying you, which allows you to use our Products and Services and allow us to improve your personal experience. They are, among others, your Wi-Fi network, technical logs, date of Product activation, battery measurement, manufacturing ID, debug technical information, and website cookies.

When you create a MyOeno account

When creating a MyOeno account, You will therefore need to provide us with certain Personal data. Your MyOeno account is the core component of Products and Services. It allows you to access and control your Personal data. Such data is collected and used during MyOeno account and/or user profile creation, when logging on to your account, adding a photograph, etc. All Personal data stored under your MyOeno account will be protected as described in MyOeno’s Privacy Policy and in this document. 

How do we use your Personal data?

We undertake not to sell or share your Personal data without your prior consent. At MyOeno, protecting the privacy of our users is of utmost importance. We firmly believe that data can serve the collective interest when de-identified and that the insights provided by our Products and Services may allow you to make informed choices and sustainable changes.

The data you have generated and collected through MyOeno digital Products and Services is processed by MyOeno for the following specific purposes. One or more purposes may apply simultaneously:

·        Providing Products and Services

    • Personal data processed by MyOeno Products and Services may be displayed on the application allowing you to access to you MyOeno account.

·        Accounts

    • Access to some services requires an account so to help you handle your content and preferences.

·        Developing and managing Products and Services

    • Your Personal data is used to improve our Products and Services, ensure the availability of our platform and improve the user experience. Also, in accordance with Internet standards, we retain a record of operations conducted in log form and we always work with de-identified data unless you have granted us your consent.

·        Communicating with you

    • When you contact our customer support department to resolve a problem that you have reported, our team members may be required to process your Personal data to help you.

For how long do we retain your Personal data?

Apart from where the law provides a specific period, we retain your Personal data for a period not exceeding the period required for the purposes for which it was collected and processed. As for the Personal data under you MyOeno account, we retain until the account deletion.

Where is your Personal data kept?

Unless otherwise required by your local laws, Your Personal data is stored within the European Union and is subject to regulations that guarantee a high level of protection for your Personal data.

How can you contact us?

OENONEO SAS, France is the controller of your Personal data. For any questions regarding MyOeno’ privacy practices you may want to contact us through at

OENONEO SAS 8 chemin de l’église 38660 Sainte Marie D’Alloix France